Laura Downey, Licensed Agent

Laura Downey is a resident of Abilene, TX & a member of the Abundant Life Ministries praise team as a singer since 2013. Working in advertising for 10 years prior to getting her life and health insurance license in 2017, she has been in a client-centered business atmosphere for several years. Since Laura was a very young lady she has had a passion for helping the elderly, disabled and underprivileged. This began with volunteering at an adult day care facility under direction of the United Way of Abilene in 1997, then working in an Alzheimer’s Care Facility in 2000. Caring for and helping the elderly & disabled in their homes part time during college and while working other jobs was also a fulfilling part of her early career. Laura left the geriatric field for a few years and worked as a digital sales/media professional until 2017.

In 2018, Laura returned to the service of the elderly & disabled as a senior benefits consultant with the Agency for Retired, Elderly and Disabled. Now she specializes in Medicare benefit consulting as well as Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, and assisting with benefit applications for Extra Help from Medicare, Low Income Subsidy, Medicaid and other programs available to those who have disabilities, or limited income and resources. Some Medicare beneficiaries need help paying for medications and other health services and aren’t aware that they may qualify for assistance with out of pocket Medicare costs or know how to get that extra help. Other help and consultation about hospital indemnity, dental insurance, vision benefits and other supplemental benefits is available when contacting Laura as well.

Laura is an honest and trustworthy agent/ professional serving as a senior benefits consultant and Medicare benefits consultant in Abilene, TX. Please call today with any questions about Medicare benefits and other help for paying for medical and health costs.